At Isolani Endodontics, Dr. Rodney Isolani and Dr. Benjamin Bell are committed to helping your patient achieve the best possible dental results in a comfortable and friendly environment. We are excited to announce in addition to nitrous oxide sedation, conscious sedation, and oral conscious sedation Dr. Bell will be offering IV sedation through a partnership with Prime Anesthesia Services.

We are always striving to offer a better experience for each of our patients. IV sedation will allow us to treat patients with the highest level of anxiety associated with root canal treatment, as well as patients with extreme pharyngeal reflexes. A board-certified nurse anesthetist from Prime Anesthesia Services will administer anesthesia medicine and monitor your patient before, during and after the procedure until they are discharged. Not only can their anxiety be treated, but the IV will allow us to administer anti-inflammatory post operative medication to put them on the road to recovery even quicker.

We have already been able to meet so many great patients and treat their endodontic needs, but we hope this opens us up to even more patients that did not believe it was possible to save their tooth due to their anxiety.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.